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Segemental Vitiligo

Hi All ,

 My Daughter ( 6 years old )  started getting white patches on one side of body .

 They are on her right hand wrist , Right Hand , Right Chest , Right Neck and Right Eye .

 On the wrist it was a bit more all the other areas are small .


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Vitiligo Covering Creams

Hi All ,

 I am wondering ,

1) what are the best vitiligo covering creams available 

2) with less side efects 

3) Long term use for kids

4) stays long , reliable and water proof

5) safe to use on face 

My daughter has vitiligo , so looking for some

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beard dye

Hi everyone

Can somebody please help, I am growing a beard to try to hide my Vitiligo and I was going to dye it as the hairs are all pure white but wasn't sure if 1  this is a good idea. I dont want to make it worse as its a foreign body against my s

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Light Treatment!

I started light treatment about 3 months ago and it's really helped!
very happy with the results and my original shade of skin is coming back

Mainly have it on my hands, elbows, legs and around my eyes!

Has anyone else had light treatment? Has it work f

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I still haven't been to see my doctor about the loss of pigment on my fingers, is it important i do this. I've had this condition about 3 years.

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Depigmentation with Monobenzone



I'm Lei.  I've had vitiligo for probably about 18 years.  I would say I’m probably about 60% depigmented.    After my last visit to my dermatologist (and after assessing all of my options) I decided to attempt full depigmentation.  I was able

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Depigmentation Information

Since I have noticed a number of folks asking about depigmentation- method of treatment, effectiveness, cost, etc.- I thought I might start a thread about this, as I begin depigmentation this week (provided the folks at Walgreen's don't get my Rx jum

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I am 26 years old, and I have had Vitiligo for he past 22 years. About 3 years ago I stopped treating my Vitiligo, and had decided instead to try depigmentation since my vitiligo was only getting worse. I have seen 4 dermatologists to start the depig

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