• There is always a vitiligo specific dating app exist. It's name is Derma Cupid Dating App. 

  • Would not it be much better if we try a dating app that is designed for people with skin conditions?

    DermaCupid is a Dating and Matchmaking App for people with skin conditions, including Vitiligo.

    On this platform, no one going to judge or discriminate against the other and we can Date with confidence in a judgement-free zone. 

    If this idea excites you, please do download the app and get started from their website

  • Up to this point I haven't brought it up beforehand, sometimes I feel guilty for not letting the woman know ahead of time but I feel people wont really understand or know what vitiligo is and they will jump to conclusions before even meeting me. Even when I am around new people, such as friends of friends I'll bring it up if I've been talking to a person for a while because I see them look and stare. More often than not they are curious about what causes it and how I feel about it. People always feel uncomfortable about discussing certain matters so I'll be the one to initiate  the conversation to make them feel at ease. I've used the same tactic when it comes to dating, most women I've dated have either not noticed or not mentioned my vitiligo. I'll be the one to bring it up on the second or third date and if she's still interested then its great if not I move on. 

    We all have a fear of rejection and that quantifies with our unique skin :) but rejection is a part of dating and it can be hard on us but we must strive to feel proud of who we are! I have a lot more to offer than my skin alone and the woman who see's that is worth my time and someone who doesn't; wasn't worth my time to begin with.

  • mension it when you meet them , and if they look at it funny and in disgust thats their problem , if they get mad at you for not mentioning it , its their problem also , just tell them you never thought its a big deal. 

  • I feel like thats more up to you but at one point or another the person should know regardless before or while you meet them.

  • I neva posted it on the site but I would always tell the guys before we met & it was never an issue. Even tho I was always nervous about their reaction or if they would show up lol. But I can say that the men I meet were pretty decent guys & treated me as so. They really didnt care & I'm quite sure my personality & confidence helped.
  • I think u should mention that, to avoid disguise look or regret feeling from that person when he/she come to know abt ur vitiligo.
  • Personally i was upfront. It's your choice but is prefer to let a person know in the beginning. Being upfront can prevent heartache later. But it's totally up to you and your comfort level.
  • No because that person needs to know the person u are inside, then eventually when the time is right and he asks what that mark is u can then explain oh it's just a skin problem, if they don't like it then there not for u, simples xxx
  • Yes I do.  That way there are no surprises!

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