October 27

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hello my name is justin, i have had vitiligo since i was 15 i have a spot on my forehead and have long hair that covers it, i also have it on my forearms elbows and shins , the reason it bothers me is because i use to get tanned and i miss it . sometimes i almost isolate myself from others and i dont even realize why , but i live and breathe the out doors so i escape and thats just the greatest, its the freedom, we all need it.

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  • Hi Justin! I hear you. Sometimes I have the same feelings... Lately I have been using dermablend  cover on my  arms and it really helps. It makes the spots less noticeable even though it is not a cure it helps with the self esteem. Now that the weather is getting warmer I apply it everyday, if I wear short sleeves or tanks tops at the gym and I don't feel like anybody is looking at them...


  • Thanks Justin! That is really sweet of you!

  • hello my friend

  • sameee! man you live so far haha i just looked at your profile. i live in burnaby lol

  • hi it's nice to meet you! nice you live in bc :) i don't know anyone who lives in bc with vitiligo


  • thank you soooo much ! :) that made my day.

  • Hey !!!!! Thanks for the friend add !!!!!!!!! Good to meet you !!!!!!!! How is life ??? Take care !!!! 

  • Hello and Welcome !!!! Glad you joined our group !!!

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