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Newly diagnosed I am devastated!!

I am 32 female married living in London and have one son who is 2. I have been diagnosed with hyperthyroid last year and this month with vitiligo. I have it on my hands and I don’t still know how to cope psychologically with it!! I feel I need a frie

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Avoiding vitiligo on face

According to my studies, physical trauma, friction, pressure, injuries and oxidative stress on a daily basis might be the main causative reasons for vitiligo spreading.

If you have patches on your face or if you think it may develop them, I beli

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Pseudocatalase - Where to buy?

Is anyone using Pseudocatalase cream and still having great results with re-pigmentation?

If so, where are you buying it from? I found one on ebay 6 months ago, but i think its now past expiration because its hardened and im not getting pink when us

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