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  • Hi dee....I'm gluten intolerant and have vitiligo too...I had a lot of vitamin deficiencies and absorption problems due to gluten.. Also had adrenal fatigue, probably due to fighting inflammation caused by gluten. Would love to hear about your alternative foods and recipes etc and whether you think it helps with vitiligo....I'm from warrington cheshire

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  • Hi Dee. How are you? I have just joined this wonderful sitee. Up till now I felt so isolated with my vitiligo which was diagnosed 2 years ago. I was devastated and would love to chat to see how you cope.
  • Hi Dee

    I have been reading through some of your messages, I hope you dont mind. The way you are feeling this summer seems to be just how I was feeling last summer. I feel quite lucky now in so much as my skin has lost all the pigment in my hands and arms other than the top of my arms which I try to keep covered. I do have a lot of vitiligo on my chin but I do manage to cover it adequately with VEIL NO 3 cover cream. I went to the doctor and told him how it affected my every day life especially in summer and he referred me to the RED CROSS based at the hospital who then match your skin colour to the specialised creams. I dont tend to wear make up but do need to cover my vitiligo, I find that as it wears off people seem to be looking at me in the VITILIGO way as though I am some sort of freak, I know that sounds extreme but it does make me feel like that when I know people are looking, However, with the cover up cream I have a lot more confidence, I am sure that without the cream I would feel the need to almost hibernate in summer. I also have a lot on my neck and from having short hair most of my life have grown it long, not out of choice but as another camouflage method.

    I really do know how you are feeling as when the vitiligo was spreading on my hands and arms I felt I couldnt hold out my hands in shops without people looking at them.

    I do think that the general public should be made more aware of vitiligo and then maybe they would be more accepting of our skin.

    I hope you are having a not too bad vitiligo day, speak soon

    Janet x
  • hi !
  • Hi Dee! Welcome to the forum! I think there are a few of us Brits on here. It's a really great source of information and support. When did you first develop your vit? Gem :)
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