Hi guys, I was wondering how you all have got on with your relationships. How easy/difficult has it been to find a partner and what has their reaction been to your vitiligo?

Should people with vitiligo only date other vitiligo sufferers?

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  • Hi every one its nice to see you all here,,we can understand each other better

  • looking for a friend

  • I love your response (especially the last paragraph), Nikhilkumar. 

  • I am not sure if i am right or wrong..but i feel it definitely impacts if its an arrange marriage where the Face value matters the most ( when a groom is looked for ) and in case of females ( both face + dowry ) No offence to intimidate anyone over here! just fact that i felt :)

    Love doesn't happen within a single day its a gradual feeling which nurtures from friendship and then gets transformed into BFF wherein the only priority is "PURE" love :)

  • I am also searching
  • I m searching..
  • hello everyone

  • I am looking for a girl , age is 27 and don't have that much vitiligo as well except on face small spot , if any girl interested please let me know ,
  • I have a loving partner I don't believe people with it are only supposed to be with it because that would be isolating yourself from being treated as a normal person I do struggle some times due to being insecure but she is still with me 

  • I got in relation with my husband long ago. Just had vitiligo 5 years ago and I am 35. We are unique yes but also great people will love heart not body! 

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