This is a group for those with multiple autoimmune diseases. Find people who deal with the same conditions, share treatments and support. Welcome.
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  • I have vitiligo, B12 deficiency due to lack of IF, eczema, Raynaud's, celiac disease, and Hashimoto's hypothyroidism.  And, of course, I have mutiple allergies.  YEAH!

  • Hi Everyone

    1) Type 1 Diabetic on Insulin

    2) Theroid Disorder

    3) Vitiligo

  • 1) celiac disease


    3) pernicious anemia

  • Hi everyone!  Please click the discussion above if you would like to list your autoimmune disorders.  Feel free to write whatever you want on the comments wall :)  Thanks!

  • Hi Gia, 

    1) Vitiligo

    2) Hypothyroidism

    3) Food Sensitivities

  • Hi lovelies, I received a notice about a research study for those with Psoriasis so I thought I'd pass it along.   See the info below:

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  • Hi, I am joining this group for my 9 year old daughter Anna who has Vitiligo and Hashimoto's. 

  • 1.) Thyroiditis 2.) Alopecia areata 3.) Diabetes 4.) Vitiligo 5.) Antiphosphatelipid Syndrome 6.) Lupus 7.) Fibromyalgia

  • I wonder if anyone can find a common thread in this haystack. Wishful thinking!
  • Hashimotos thyroiditis
    Urticaria and dermigraphica
    Mast cell disorder (histamine intolerance)
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