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How would you react?

Well I had something odd happen to me last week. During my lunch break I walked to the Taco Truck of which fellow  employees order food and wait. It was raining so I ordered my food and told them I would be back in 10 mins. I came back to pick up my

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Michael Jackson and vitiligo

Michael Jackson the king of pop. Michael Jackson and vitiligo.  My half-year-old baby had vitiligo patches. I didn’t know what they were, I thought they are caused by some kind of allergy. Unfortunately, dermatologists made it clear that it was vitil

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Life changed with Vitiligo

I am 23 year old indian girl, lives in urban area. Sign of vitiligo appeared on my left leg when I was 15, from that moment I feel different among all. I even differentiate myself from my siblings . I always used to hide my legs .I stopped wearing sh

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