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Creating a whatts app group


Everyone hope this message reaches to you in good health,

I would like to invite you all as i am planning to start a whattsapp group for people like us, so that we all will be connected every time and we can be a great support to each other. If y

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Avoiding vitiligo on face

According to my studies, physical trauma, friction, pressure, injuries and oxidative stress on a daily basis might be the main causative reasons for vitiligo spreading.

If you have patches on your face or if you think it may develop them, I beli

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Newly diagnosed I am devastated!!

I am 32 female married living in London and have one son who is 2. I have been diagnosed with hyperthyroid last year and this month with vitiligo. I have it on my hands and I don’t still know how to cope psychologically with it!! I feel I need a frie

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Vitiligo Treatment

I am looking for controlling the spread. It's almost covered the exposed areas. Currently in Mumbai and don't want to try allopathic other than UVB if effective. Looking for suggestions and also looking for friends with vitiligo. Can write me on spee

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