Narrowband UVB treatment

Would like to hear from people who have tried this and what results they got. If positive please share any pics. I keep reading about this treatment but hardly ever find any pics showing the results that people got.


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  • My son is 9.  He was diagnosed last summer.  How old is your son?  How much has it progressed since diagnosis?
    • He is 10, his progression has been very rapid.
      • ive begun this treatment with hand held just wondering how long the sessions are under the lamp and when you saw results? thanks x
  • We just got insurance approval to purchase a UVB handheld machine.  We will start treatment on our son as soon as we get it,  Will let you know how it goes!!

    • Sounds great, how old is your son? How long has he had vitiligo?

      Ours has had it for a little more than 2 years.

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