• Hi Vijay, Yes, narrow band UVB really works. So does sunlight.  I also used pseudocatalase with no sun or narrow band uvb machine light and repigmented.

  • At the Veteran's Affairs derm clinic, they had a full body UVB chamber. I only went once a week but noticed small amounts of repigmentation. Since the Coronavirus, I haven't been able to go. As soon as the government gives the all-clear, I will be going again for treatments. It may be slow but I am under the care of a dermatologist and technicians. 

  • Hi,  If you are going through phototherapy (UV light therapy), then virgin coconut oil can be used after the phototherapy sessions to reduce the phototherapy induced skin irritation.

    Please like my resources for more info:-

  • Yes Vijay! Narrowband UVB Phototherapy is really the only thing that will help you to repigment. (Perhaps for some in conjunction with Tacrolimus). 

    I have my own 10 lamp UVB unit at home and I have seen a remarkable amount of repigmentation. Of course, as with everything in the condition, it takes a while to see results. Don't give up and stay committed to your treatment!

    Best Wishes!


    • Sue, Thanks for the comments.

      Best Wishes

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