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January 27


Columbus Ga

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  • Our 2013 vitiligo conference is gearing up to be an amazing time together. Here from some of our FB friends as guest speakers: Cawanda, Hunnee Pat and more. We are excited about our friends that we have made on FB and on this network who will be joining us from Houston, Dallas, N and S Carolina's, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New York and more..... For more details and to check out our latest VIDEO:   www.vitfriends.com

  • How are you and hope you are doing well. Still hoping that you come could be with us for the weekend of July 28. Chanel can use a room-mate so a place to stay will not be an issue.  God Bless!  www.vitfriends.com/

  • wow that's fast! amazing!  girl i pray that it steadily repigments cause then there would be more hope for all of us!

  • Really? That's Great Cynthia! I will have to tell Charon about that. How long have you been using it before you saw some color come back?
  • thank you Cynthia!!!!!!!!
  • Love the new pics! how u been?
  • Good! I hope you have some success with whatever treatment plan you decided to go with.

  • Hey Cynthia! How did it go?
  • Keep me posted on progress!
  • Hey Cynthia, I know someone who had great results using Protopic. He showed me his work ID as his before picture, which was a year before I saw him and his progress is phenomenal. I personally haven't had any success with it, but I have seen it work for others.
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