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i started developing vitiligo when i was 19 and now I have it all over my body- face, neck, arms, torso, you name it i have it there.

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  • Hello dear friend, how are you?

  • hi

  • i have not vitiligo but i have a cousin who as vit....i have 18
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  • Greetings and salutations Althea. Sure, In responce to your inquiry, my lips and a part of my neck have Vit and I'm actually showing new growth of Vit on my forehead which is why I chose to avoid shaving my head velcro short. Otherwise, I do have it throughout my body.
  • U r beatiful and manage ur vit pretty well.
  • thanks althea!! i'll definately have to try this!!
  • hi i noticed one of your comments referring to self tanners. i have tried quite a bit, but they all seem to turn my white spots orange.... have you ran into the same problem??? i haven't tried the ones you listed but i was wondering if maybe it was just me with the orange-y problem.. thanks!
  • yeah, it's gotten worse this summer and showing up more and in other places it hasnt before. What do you use for it? Ive tried protopic but it doesnt seem to work. Well, it's nice hearing from ya. T2ul.
  • here it is
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