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  • Dear sunny,  Add some bee wax to your fav foundation with few drops of oil.  U can try out darker shades depending upon your skin colour.  It will come out cheaper then store brought. Bee wax will make it water proof.

  • hi
  • Gd evng friends...can some one please suggest me a good waterproof camouflage to cover vitiligo on fingers available in Indian online stores...I searched a lot but couldn't find ...thank you...

  • Dear Minati Raj ,
    You right let her grow up as child . All she wants is to dance n sing . Your email really relieved me . I have been worrying a lot and spoiling the present .. It has impacted my relations , career , health .. I have been avoiding people . I need to change myself first and give her normal childhood ...
    Thank you again
  • Hi rahul

    I am tempted to reply query. I got viti when I was six, hence I could remember everything that happened around me.  

    Like any other parents, my parents too lost their mind specially father.  I never understood his worries that time and was too confused.  All I wanted is play and eat.  I had lot of pressure to study as marriage was not a option.  I was an average student yet i was warned that I have to work and earn my living.  To be very honest, viti really helped me to be very independent at an early stage.  Bad part is, I became rebellious too.  Without viti, studies would not have been so important in my life at that time.  I would have married off at an early stage.  I am 42 now, divorced due to non acceptance of viti, yet no regrets.  What helped me is accepting the society the way they are, having viti friends really helped me.  Current challenge is :  too many con people send me marriage requests on matrimony sites, Facebook sites assuming we viti people are too desperate.  Friends don't fall for such cons.  Too many of them are around uz.  I WL go on and on.  To cut it sort the best way to deal with kids is to let them remain kids and allow them to do what they wish to do.  I know lot of moms who does not allow kids to play in sun.  Pls don't stop them.  Cover them with clothing to avoid sun  not people.  There was t lot of food restrictions due to medication.  My immunity system weakened.  

    As a parent its imp not to worry and discuss it with relatives and friends in front of kids.  Teach her that she is unique and different.  Last but not least love her to the core and she will be a confident adult.

  • My six year old daughter has vitiligo for last two years ... How should is raise her
  • Guys have you heard? A matrimony website is going to be launched for people with vitiligo...Let us support this social cause- Derma Matrimony- https://www.facebook.com/Derma-Matrimony-136222867164580/

  • Hello friends..

  • sorry guys, but there is no cure for vitiligo.i am suffered from last 20 yrs. i tried many of medicines and treatment. but i am not satisfied

  • Hi I am also suffered from vitiligo that is why I feel so neglected in society I face lot of problems because of this
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Can anybody suggest a good Vitiligo doctor/clinic in India

Hi All, I am new to the group but am desperately in search of a doctor/clinic for Vitiligo treatment in India. I do understand that no one can guarantee 100 % cure (for that matter any % of improvement) , but would like to get some leads from all of you on any good doctors/treatments/clinics you have come across.... Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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