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  • Hi friends, do anyone knows a good doctor in Bangalore for melanocyl transplant, since my foot ankles are the only part which are not responding to any kind of therapy (medicine + sun exposure). If any one has gone through the melanocyl transplant at Bangalore, please share their views. Thanks !!

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Some home made remedies for reducing white patches.

Mixture of cow urine‚ Psoralea Corylifolia (babchi) oil‚ red clay (geru)‚ ginger juice‚ Margosa (neem) juice‚ Tulsi and basil juice‚ turmeric powder‚ mustered oil. Apply this mixture on white patches. That will help you to cure vitiligo. Cow Urine Therapy helps in Vitiligo by preventing the furthur growth of Disease. Also they help in revival of damanged cells of affected organs.  Clay has copper content to cure a skin condition like vitiligo copper has an importance of healing vitiligo such…

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Can anybody suggest a good Vitiligo doctor/clinic in India

Hi All, I am new to the group but am desperately in search of a doctor/clinic for Vitiligo treatment in India. I do understand that no one can guarantee 100 % cure (for that matter any % of improvement) , but would like to get some leads from all of you on any good doctors/treatments/clinics you have come across.... Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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benequine cream information

hi freindz i was not using this site for quite long time and now i m back so that i can help my freindz who are looking for depigmentation as i have almost complted this process and i am very much satisfied with the results kindly contact me asap if anyone needs any details on benequine or required the same!stay happy

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