Vitiligo hazards

Vitiligo hazards
Vitiligo can be life-threatening under certain conditions, such as complicated by skin cancer or suicide due to inferiority complex. The harms of vitiligo can be summarized as follows.
(1) The skin of patients with vitiligo that looks normal is actually latent leukoplakia, and the leukoplakia will continue to expand and spread until the whole body turns white.
(2) Although vitiligo does not hurt or itch, it seriously affects the appearance. Small areas of white spots will continue to spread from different parts and even spread to the face. Eventually cause disfiguring damage.

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  • Hi Lucy, vitiligo affected my whole body 18 years ago, it happened within the space of 1 week. My pigment has started to return on my face and arms in the last year with no treatment at all. I have no idea why but I'm happy about this! :)
    • you are so lucky!  May God help you recover faster.

  • Does phototherapy work?
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