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August 17

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I have had universal (complete) vitiligo since I was 23 years old, my loss of pigmentation and alopecia happened rapidly in the space of just two weeks following a meningitis injection, prior to that I had had antibiotics two weeks earlier so they believe the two drugs in my system caused this reaction. I lost all my confidence for many years, even though I have learnt to live with vitiligo for 18 years now and I accept this is who I am, it still occasionally bothers me when I can’t go out in the sun unless I am well protected, or not being able to put a dress on without applying some fake tan first. I also still dye my hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. I don’t worry about people staring at me anymore but it does bother me when people assume I am just very white or albino, or that my hair is grey. The words make me tense and leave me feeling frustrated, especially from friends and family who know that I have vitiligo. I know I should not take things seriously or let it effect me but I cannot stop these feelings making me feel frustrated and upset at times. Since I had a low vitamin D count a few years ago which I was prescribed a high dose vitamin D for, I now try to get back in the sun a little with a factor 50 sunscreen and head covering. I am not sure if it is a coincidence or if connected but last year my pigment started to return on my face, the inside of my elbows, knees and random spots over my body. The only other thing it could be is beetroot, I have been eating quite a lot of it! I have always wanted to meet or talk to people just like me, to have a conversation with someone who understands what it’s like living with vitiligo, to share experiences and advice.