Use of tacrolimus

Anybody using tacros 0.1% and have observed the results/ repigmentation.

Please share how to apply and how many time to apply and if using UVB lamp along with it helps ?

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  • Hi Shweta,

    I used tacrolimus and it helped me to repigment.

    • Hi Audrey 

      Thank you for your response. 

      Can you tell how you used it. like how many times or with/without sunlight ?



      • I applied it twice a day. I was also undergoing phototherapy at the dermatologist's office at the time.

  • Try Tacroz .1%
    Very effective
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    • Is Tacroz .1% the same as Protopic 0.1?

      • Estaban, yes Tacrolimus and Protopic are both topical, nonsteroidal inhibitors. They work the same.


        • Thanks for letting me know

  • Hello..I started noticing spots about 2 years ago.spreading on my hands and underarm area..I an very insecure and embarrassed when I go to gym in tank top.ive tried creams from dr none helped.rdcently bought some red dirt and ginger root.also body makeup.but nothing really covers spots well.any ideas I could use we be appreciative. Thanks!!
  • I have had vitiligo for several years. Started small spot on face. Now most of chin,cheeks and spreading to neck area. Also on both elbows and spreading. Wish there was a cure for this. Embarrassing.
  • The topical calcineurin inhibitors (examples are tacrolimus and pimecrolimus) are immuno-modulators. They alter the response of the immune system to prevent them from attacking the pigment producing skin cells. These medications are relatively new, costly and not as widely used as the topical corticosteroids.

    However, these topicals have less side effects than the corticosteroids. Hence, can be used for long term without much risk of skin thinning. For this reason, calcineurin inhibitors are prescribed for the treatment of vitiligo on sensitive areas such as eyelids, lips and genitals. Some of the side effects associated with these medications are slight burning sensation, skin redness and itching.

    Please check my below article for more insight.

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