vitiligo (41)


Hello guys it's been a long time.
So, like many of us I do surf the internet in search for some "miracle" from time to time and this time i stumbled upon "ReCell". I assume this might not be as new as I think but have any of you any experience to shar

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Latest vit photos, repigmentaion

After over thirty five years of progressing vit, finally something that is working for me- UVB photolight treatment. This is over a 5 month span. I'm hopefull now. I will be happy to just get 80% repigmentation. I have huge areas on my hand and under

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Repigmentation photos

Hi everyone, I have attached a photo on my page of the start of re-pigmentation. This is through nutritional therapy only, supplements and good diet and sunlight. No crazy creams or machines required. I am not selling anything I just wanted to post p

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