I have vitiligo, will my children have vitiligo, too?

Children born to parents who both have the disorder are more likely to develop vitiligo.

However, most children will not get vitiligo even if one parent has it. In children with focal and segmental vitiligo, there is usually no family history of vitiligo or other autoimmune disorders.

The frequency of vitiligo among first degree relatives in white, Indo - Pakistani, and Hispanic populations is 7.1%, 6.1%, and 4.8%, respectively. Identical twins with identical DNA have only a 23% chance of developing vitiligo, suggesting a significant non-genetic component in the disease.

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  • My mother has vitiligo since the '80s. Mine started in 1997 and was slow developing while I was in the military. Although there was plenty of stress in the army, I did a lot of physical training. I believe that because of being active in running and other physical fitness training, the development had slowed down. 

    I am no longer active, just some walking, it began the fast depigmentation of my skin. 

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