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Hi, I am a woman with vitiligo over about 20 percent of my body and making the time for the Xcima Laser treatment twice a week is a challenge.  

I have seen ads for the home therapy units.  Has anyone tried any of them?  Can you recommend abrand or type?


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  • I have  been using a home phototherapy device by National Biological for 14 weeks.It is Dermalight 90 model.  I am very pleased with the results.  I would say my vitiligo is at least 50 percent better.  I have also eliminated gluten and soy from my diet.

    • Have gluten and soy been found to be linked to vitiligo?
      • Gluten is a cliche when it comes to this one. No grains are good.
      • It has been linked to auto immune disease.  Very hard to do, but worth it!

    • You eat red meat?
      • I occasionally eat red meat.  I have not eliminated it from my diet, but do not eat it often.  I mainly eat seafood or chicken.

  • Hi R.Salcedo,

    If you do excimer Laser treatment, it will be hard to find an equivalent home unit, since it's very powerful.

    However, I see 3 options to you:

    1- A full body stand-up UVB-NB machine (UVBiotek single panel 100B). Price range is $2000-$3000. In this case, the idea is a full body short exposure time (usually 30s-40s). It can be boosted by pseudocatalase cream.

    2- A hand held UVB-NB fixture (Dermalite 80 UVB). It comes with one PL-S 9W/01 bulb. In this case, the idea is a targeted exposure to each patch. Exposure time will vary from patch to patch, depending on the necessary energy transfer.

    It can also be boosted by pseudocatalase cream.

    More details at:



    3- If money is not a issue, there is one excimer unit by Alma Lasers that might be possible to be purchased for home use purpose. Check http://www.almalasers.com/alma-products/308-excimer/

    In this case, exposure time is similar to what you have currently in your treatment.


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