Hair Dyeing and Vitiligo


I have a close relative that has started having vitiligo. The relative had symmetrical two white patches above the eyelids. She died her hair thereafter and shortly after two symmetrical patches under the ears and sideburns area, including a small area on the earlobe developed.

Dermatologist prescribed protopic for the eye areas and betaderm for the sideburns. She also started taking ginkgo biloba (120 mg a day) and purchased a derma roller to help improve absorption in the affected areas. She was also recommended to use 90 SPF sunscreen.

Is there anything else she can do?

I hope and prey it the patches are related to the hair dyeing and that it goes away. I did find some discussion online that hair dyeing/chemical induced vitiligo is possible. 

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  • I disagree, I've been dying my hair, eyelashes and eyebrows for 18 years - post vitiligo and it has not made it worse. It is still the same loss of pigment as it was at the start. However, everyone is different!
  • But yeah, I wouldn’t dye my hair.

  • I thinks it’s generally accepted and backed by science that ginkgo biloba and vitamin d are good supplements to take. 

  • Hair Dye does cause vitiligo . Chemical is PPD. Links are proven. Warning on some labels of hair dye.
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