• I have found one such app. It's name is Derma Cupid Dating app. Check for details. All the best. 

  • DermaCupid is a Dating and Matchmaking App for people with Vitiligo, Psoriasis, Acne, Albinism, Burn, Scar, Alopecia, & Other Skin Conditions.

    Date with confidence in a judgement-free zone

    The Android app has been launched on 21st April, 2021.

    Please click on the below link to download the Android app.

    For more info, please visit the website

  • Hi there, Dating and matchmaking App for people with Vitiligo, psoriasis, albinism, acne, burn, scar, eczema and other skin conditions will be launched soon, by the end of October 2020. It will be available in Android and IOS.

    Join our group here for latest updates

  • Pfff Kandi are you kidding me ?( just looked at your pics )  I would bang you even if you had plague mixed with leprosy :D :D 

  • ?...unsure I get that ...but...okkie dokkie? Lol
  • This site is a perfect place to find that special one . People without Viti aint even going to look at you seriously , for a quick bang yeah but nothing more ( for girls ) . For guys no chances neither here nor anywhere else , only pay for play .  LOL on the other hand its always pay for play for guys :D Viti or not :))) 

  • i don't think there is one.

  • If someone doesn't want to date just because you have Vitiligo, it just means that they are shallow and superficial. I believe that one must love themself before they love anyone else. Healing truly does start from inside, starting with emotional health and self confidence. Smile and always be happy because things could always be worse

  • Yes I agree. Having been single for 4 plus years has been difficult alone. I've tried regular dating sites but with zero success. If anyone finds one or hears an update please let me know. 

  • They definetly need a site for only people with vitiligo...
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