Carnivore diet for treating vitiligo

Couple days ago I started the carnivore diet. As it's supposed to help with autoimmune issues and leaky gut. I have seen many reviews were the carnivore diet has done wonders for people with eczema and psoriasis so I figured it can't hurt if anything else. Back in the month of August I did a 30-day water fast and I have been on the ketogenic diet now for 2 months. So basically I'm just switching from keto to carnivore pretty much the same diet I'm just taking out all of the vegetables. I also will be doing intermediate fasting. I will check into this site in about a month and let everybody know how everything is going.

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  • I'm about to start clean keto way of eating too. Ever YouTube total health with Dr nick? He has a lot of awesome info on keto! Also google "the vit pro" she has a page on viti friends but she cleared up her vitiligo after 50 years or something and she has her story on her blog and what supplements she took for it! Another awesome read. She also has testimonials on there and a lot of people were repigmenting! I think a clean keto approach along with them supplements could work wonders!

    • Also check out The Dr. Gundry Podcast on youtube about lectins.

      His book The plant paradox

      • Yup! I've looked into that too. There is a girl on YouTube who reversed her vit on keto and she also mentions the plant paradox. Supposedly if you sprout certain things it can reduce the phytic acid content. Still need to look more into this though. Let us know how carnivore goes for you!

  • Thank you Esteban. Please let us know!

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