Best sunblock for face

What does everyone use for sunblock. I have sensitive skin. Sometimes oily sometimes dry. I’m starting to see vitiligo around my mouth. Just curious, looking for a good product.

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  • PS:  The sheen of my face in my portrait picture is just from the reflection of glass. 

  • I'm completely depigmented, which I accomplished deliberately (I just finished off what nature started).  That said, protection from the sun is a priority. I use Neutragena Ultra Sheer 70 with Helioplex. It gives me a nice matted appearance.

  • Hi Julie, it's trial and error, as long as you go for a high factor. A lot of sun creams can make your skin oily. My favourite choice is Dermalogica, they also do one with a tint in 3 shades.
    • Thank you Collette, it seems to be hot or miss. This one breaks me out, this one is oily. I will give dermalogica a try. I like a lot of their products.
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