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All the pictures below have one thing in common:  The oxidation caused by free oxygen radicals

Despite the effects are noticeable on the surface (skin), the damage starts usually from inside the body.

So, treating this imbalance is the very first thing to be done to fight vitiligo.




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  • i am taking uvb plus multivitamin tablets also apply eczrid forte(Tacrolimus Topical (0.1% w/w)) cream in  night and sorifix ointment that contains (

    in morning along with d3 once a week
    • what about anti-oxidants (oral and topical)?

      • i am not taking any anti-oxidants . if  you please suggest me some.

        • You should also take Patchex (http://meyer.co.in/patchex/).

          You can only find it in India (your country).

          • Patchex is just an example on how to treat oxidative stress.

            There are many...

        • Daily Anti-Oxidant Suggestion:

          • R Lipoic Acid (stabilized) or ALA (by Pure Encapsulations) ⇒ 100mg

          • L-Cysteine Powder ou N-Acetyl Cysteine (by Nutrabio) ⇒ 600mg

          • L-Methionine Powder (by Nutrabio) ⇒ 375mg

          • Grape Seed (by GNC) ⇒ 100mg



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          • I'm currently using UVB therapy for Vitiligo and was thinking about taking Selenium due to it's antioxidant properties. However, it also blocks UV radiation which may not be effective for treatments.

            Any thoughts?

            • Go for it.

              Selenium has protective effects against UV radiation-induced damage. However, UVB narrow band therapy does not cause any damage, if properly done.

              UVB-NB is just a small range of the UV spectrum.

  • how we can stop oxidizing

    • Many ways.

      Some examples below:

      -From inside: taking anti-oxidant pills and/or some kinds of food (broccoli, onion, etc).

      -From outside: some creams like pseudocatalase and/or vitiskin.

      More at: http://www.vitiligomap.com/protocol.html

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