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I am a 26 years old eye lash technician and recently noticed a white patch near my mouth that has spread to the other side of my mouth and have started having white spots on my back, I went to dermatologist who confirmed it to be vitiligo I am really struggling with this news I don’t leave the house can barely work anymore and just feel hopeless with life people always used to say what nice skin I have got and for it to be taken away from me and be on my face is the hardest thing to accept most days I think about ending my life.

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  • I'm Jumbo by name, me too dear i was confused when i discover mine, can we have a chat 

  • It's tough believe me i know, but it also shows you what kind of person you are it can make you truly unlock yourself. You will always be you, vitiligo cannot take that from you. How you look at yourself is your perception. Again i know its tough. I lost a couple of good things to the vitiligo and it made suicidal, i am still recovering, let me tell you i am stronger now i have realised that its not the end of the world. Accept yourself and world will follow you Champ !

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