Yeah, and when you blow your nose, don't wipe it ...

You know, because all that skin "friction" ....

Remember not to roll over when you sleep, too!  Only sleep on your back.  Don't wipe your mouth!


A self-ascribed "expert" on this forum actually posts a picture of someone blowing their nose, wiping their mouth, cleaning sleep from their eyes, as to suggest that's something we shouldn't do.

Why don't we all become crusty-eyed, mucous-nose, drippy-mouth freaks on top if it all! 

I wonder if these people re-read their nonsense for flagrant BS detection.  They must think: "Yep!  That sounds official!  That's what I'll tell everyone to do!"

What's next, avoid intimate friction, a kiss, an embrace!?

Oh brother.

People, you can get your Vitiligo advice from a doctor, or a real estate agent.  Just sayin' ....

Be careful whose advice you take.  This disease is difficult enough.

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  • Don't leave the forum, Tom; you're a voice of reason.  Trust me,  your replies are appreciated and noticed.

  • Lol. Same person with 2 IDs. He he
    • And you want to be my Vitiligo doctor ....

      tsk ...

      • Pray for him, Tom.

        • You're right, Jackie O.  How quickly I forget in the darkness what I learned in the light.

          I get so angry at that guy though.  He lords these forums and preaches his junk to anyone who comes here seeking camaraderie.  As soon as someone posts, he pounces.

          Anyway, yes, Jackie O., I'll say a prayer for his loathsome carcass.

          Foremost, I pray people aren't injured while following his pseudo-authoritative directions. 

  • Lol.  Same person with 2 IDs. He he...

    • What is happening to these threads? 

      • Good question, Jackie O.


        1) You and I are absurdly accused by a certain author of being the same person, posting with different IDs.  Anyone who even mildly brushes against him or questions him is treated to this sort of abrasive behavior.

        2) Ish is a brilliant contributor, just keeping the peace and participating in conversation.

        3) Saurabh is speaking reason to Flavio, the author mentioned.  Saurabh is a gentleman beyond my intellect and wisdom.  I've enjoyed my dialogue with him.

        Lastly, we're all just on a thread I started when someone cautioned us about skin friction and offered pictures demonstrating nose blowing, eye wiping, sleep patterns, etc..  I grew weary of that sort of counsel and posted my frustration with it.

        In a nutshell, there she be!

  • I'm glad that part of my life is over. :)

    • Hi,

      I'm not sure why anyone believes there are two people posting as one here and calling 'out' people. I've spoken with both Tom and Jackie-about separate things and am as certain as I can be,that I'm talking to two distinctly different individuals-more importantly, they understand where I am coming from.

      I don't have an axe to grind against any one-I hope people can continue to use this space to talk about what's important for us, as people with Vitiligo or people who are supporting friends and family who have Vitiligo.

      Best wishes,

      Ish x
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