What to use with UVB?

I have an at home UVB wand that i use 2-3x per week, along with protopic and sterroid cream rotated. I have been using the UVB with some oil bought from the Merri Clinic that doesnt seem to be doing much. Ive sort of plateaued with what to use with the UVB for topical creams to boost the UVB progress to help repigment the white spots..

Does anyone have any recommendations on what has helped them regain pigment with UVB? 

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  • Since being out in the sun a lot the past few weeks, Ive noticed on my chest a few white dots have lost pigment. I think they are more age spots that have lost melanin from exposure of sun over the years. Not vitaligo. Anyone experience what works best to try and repigment these spots. I have id say 5 or 6 of them on my chest that are tiny dots.


    • Also notice that when melanocytes have been damaged by oxidative stress, the skin is still pigmented since melanosomes (organelles that storage and transport of melanin) are still there.

      But when the skin is physically damaged by friction/burns, then the white spots appear.

    • Kevin,

      It's all related to oxidative stress.  Try to manage it from inside and outside:  http://www.vitiligomap.com/protocol.html

      While oxidative stress makes melanocytes fragile (initial damage),  friction and burns finally remove them (already detached) from skin.

      So, avoiding oxidative stress and friction/burns is the best measure.

  • The  pseudocatalase cream did nothing for me.

    • Amazon
      • I don't trust this Amazon cream.

        You should make it yourself. 




        • Thank you but I don't have a scale or any of those ingredients.  If the cream I had paid for had helped at all I might be willing to give it a try, but I really can't afford to waste more money.

          • You can ask your doctor to prescribe it for a compound pharmacy (USA only).

    • what pseudocatalase cream did you use?

      How was the treatment?

      Where are the patches?

      • Pseudocatalase - cosmeceutical cream 100 gram

        I applied twice a day and did light therapy 3 times a week.

        The patches are on my hands, knees, ankles, and toes.

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