• Hello Friends! Let me start with a story! And believe me I have tons of such stories. I can literally share with you all everyday.

    There was a class room filled with unique pupils. All were beautiful and intelligent with the capacity to excel in life. This class room was different from traditional class room. There was a carpenter devoid of hand, there was a sports man who cannot see, there was a Motivator who cannot speak, there was mountaineer who does not have legs, there was a man with legs,hands,eyes,speech,and hearing but have vitiligo, and there was a Teacher like a normal person devoid of any physical deficiency.

    One day in class, teacher asked ,"How was your Journey so far?".

    Carpenter: I can show the world how to make stuffs without hands.

    Sportsman: I can show world how to play without seeing.

    Mountaineer: I can show the world how to climb without legs.

    Motivator: I can show the world how to inspire without words.

    Vitiligo Person: I can show the world how to keep devaluing oneself.

    Teacher: What did we learn today? Positive people will always find a way to do something exceptional with or without aid.

    All the extension of a body are just a way to achieve something more easily and fast but it will be wrong to say that one cannot do something if without such part. Only difference is the way of achieving the end will be different.

    So do not direct your life based on the response of the others opinion rather run it based on your ability.

    So, my friends think that you are the best and those people who do not respect your individuality then why do you waste time in thinking about them and sharing your experience about them in this forum.

    Rather share a positive story you encountered each day. Such as how someone you talked to today did not bother about your vitiligo. Is not that story worth sharing.

    Always share the positive story. Keep yourself optimistic always and things are never going to be perfect as planed but to be positive in adversity is in our hand.

    So shed the negativity around yourself and focus on the good part this world is filled of.

    • Good story. 

      keep sharing.

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