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Hello friends, i just joined the group. I was never been trrating for vitiligo before but now started. I read a research paper online on vitiligo and it didn't mention the exact cause why immune system destroys melanocytes but it did mention that to stimulate pigmentation one can emphasize on diet to cover up deficiency of vitamine B6, B12 and D3. I did undergo tests of CBC, TFT, B12 and D3, and observation found that there deficiency of B12 and D3. Also to note, TSH hormoe also plays close role to vitiligo, and i did found in report excess of TSH serum. I started looking at recovering deficiencies and daily workout, exposure to morning sunlight which help gaining D3. I just started treating myself and will keep sharing updates. If anyone found similar deficiencies of vitamine, it may help lead to one of root cause of vitiligo which we vitiligo sufferres can target to narrow down.

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  • Hi Rushikesh,

    If you have time please check both links below.  They are the result of my 4 year (re)search.  They show the likely causes and a comprehensive vitiligo treatment.

    Likely causes:

    Comprehensive treatment:


    • Hello Robot Flavio,

      This is excellent research i ever came across for vitiligo. Thank you so much for your reply and greatly appreciate your efforts.

      There is lot much to well understand for me and follow the roadmap to cure.

      I am gonna sit back and draw notes out for my case following your research and try to treat myself with whatever is available and i could, as some of the treties doesnt seems possible for guy like me..ex..dead sea treatment.

      Believe that Dr. Matteo Bordignon will find cure to MIA asap. Not sure if they have found it by you have any updates on the same?

      Many Thanks,
      • Hi Rushikesh,

        Thanks for your comments.

        Dr. Matteo is working hard to find the cure.  He is moving slowly because he is doing his research with his personal funds.

        He presented the current status of his research at the international symposium in Rome last December.

        Check it out:

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