Spreading of vitiligo

I used many treatment for vitiligo.. Only money spent but no chance in my skin condition... So stopped taking my medicine.. Now it is spreading.. Please any one help me... Suggest any good medicine or good doctor

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  • Try Ayurvedic treatment ..

  • You can do Yoga .It will be very helpful to get rid of many diseases but it takes time and you should have patient

  • Why don’t u DRDO Medicine? Lukoskin cream & lukoskin intake medicine. It works very well. Also, there is a home remedy which is very effective and working well for me. It’s nothing but vilva Pazham. Pls drop an email @venkywfm@gmail.com whomever is interested, I will let u know prep
  • Hi.. I'm also from chennai..can u Pls
    tell me exactly which homeopathic shop will I get all these medicines( where u bought).. Contact number Pls?
    • Hi,
      Start those homeopathic medicines advised by santoshsivam. I am also taking that after consulting one homeo doctor. I have been taking it for last 4 months. It would help for you also. I would tell you one cream also for faster recovery.

  • Sleep deprivation decrease Catalase level which can trigger depigmentation so please get good quality sleep(check for sleep deprivation and catalase enzyme on google). 

  • Hi dear one,
    Hope you doing good. Add one friend had suggested this treatment, Dead Sea Salt mixed in bath water and using soap containing Dead Sea mud, seems to be working really well. I understand it's psychologically devastating for I'm in the same position. But loose not trust. You look beautiful but I still see some desolation in your eyes. That must go. Practise meditation above all. Good luck to you and yours.
  • So wat should I do for not spreading of vitiligo sir..
    • Hi vivitipatch
      Please send me the link..
      • Hi Suchetana,

        I think you can use someAyurvedic medicines that help to control vitiligo. Ayurveda medicines are extracted from natural products. You can have medicines afterconsulting the doctor.

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