Results with new Innovabiologics therapy

Wanted to provide an update on a relatively new therapy I tried nearly a year ago.  I've been impressed...

Some background: After trying UVB unsuccessfully for 4 months and no results with topical prescription creams, my derm was going to give up.  He said the Jax inhibitors could be a promising class of drugs, but needed much more clinical testing and warned of pretty sever immune system side effects.  I had asked about B12 and folic acid since I had been doing a ton of research and there were human clinicals on them with positive results for people with vitiligo. His view was that these supplements could not hurt so I did more research on nutrition.  What I found was a bunch of new scientific tests to help vitiligo on many compounds (natural and synthetic). I was getting confused quickly until I read some new quality of life studies online and got the advice of a natural path / herbal pharmacist. 

I contacted a company that was doing some of these studies called InnovaBiologics . It got me 4 months of therapy at no cost.  I was highly skeptical, but had noticed my spreading slowing, or at least becoming less noticeable.  By month 5, all spreading had stopped completely (mine was spreading fast).  

At month 7 my upper torso has clear re-pigmentation.  Several "beauty marks" that turned white from the vitiligo are now pink and my hair which turned silver on the sides is now restored to mostly brown.

My legs have sections that lost all pigment. They have not returned color, but they have not gotten worse.  Also, any hypopigmentation on my face reversed completely.

I remain on this pill once per day.  I have no idea if I stop whether it will return, but given it is just one pill and has multiple ingredients that people search out for vitiligo built in, it's worth it in my view.  I personally believe it is the L-Tyrosine more than the B12 since I'm not B12 deficient. Their approach with the L-tyrosine is so logical since it is the direct precursor to melanin.    

Anyone else try this yet?

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