I'm convinced that the only way to counter attack vitiligo is following a Functional Treatment (FT).  

I haven't seen a case yet that a FT didn't improve vitiligo.  Stop spreading is the main goal.  Re-pigmentation comes later.

FT takes in consideration 3 approaches, as follows:

1- Basic Preemptive Actions:

Diet (gluten-free), vitamins, minerals, trace nutrients, anti-fungals, probiotics and Omega 3.

2- Basic Corrective Actions:

UVB-NB, pseudocatalase, protopic (face)

3- Generic Actions:

Life style change (get rid of people that make you feel bad; try to be part of a group, i.e. someone important and relevant.  Find another group if necessary)

Stop physical traumas: friction, hits, sun burns, scratches etc.

*It's a pity, but martial art is not a good option because of the constant traumas it causes.

*Yoga is great (thanks to Mark's suggestion)


There are very few cases that a cream by itself  re-pigmented vitiligo patches.  These are exceptions.

It's hard to believe that someone might achieve cure or even stability without a FT support.

When isolated corrective actions are taken, pigmentation might appear, but followed by later de-pigmentation.

I'm sure that the main rule, that works to most people, with rare exceptions, is following a Functional Treatment.  


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