Hi Friends,

The following is the most comprehensive video (by Dr. John Bergman) about vitiligo  that I have seen.  It explains the likely causes and solution.

I hope you are patient enough to watch it in full, since it's worth it.



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  • Thanks for posting Mr. Robot. Very informative video and I will look into making some of those changes to help my overall health and if it helps with my vitiligo even better. I am definitely going to stop eating foods with aspartame. My vitiligo has been spreading and I have been dieting and eating sugar free products so hopefully this makes a difference.
    • Get tested for food allergy, leaky gut and dysbiosis (parasites, candida, h-pylori, yeast, fungus, etc.).  These are the main cause of oxidative stress (that causes vitiligo).

      • I will talk to my dr. about running those tests. I recently did labs for vitamin D and my hypothyroidism and waiting on the results. I don't what is a normal rate for vitiligo to spread mine is rapidly spreading on my neck and arms. I included pics. Thanks again Robot.



        • Deena,

          Vitiligo spreads because of 2 reasons: oxidative stress and friction/traumas.

          What do you do to avoid them?

          • In regards to oxidative stress I just try to avoid emotional stress and maintain my hypothyroidism and anemia. Friction/traumas I work at a desk all day so my wrist touch the keyboard most of the day. My neck and face I think it's the daily contact of washing,applying lotion and make up. After watching the video and doing some reading on my own and learning what oxidative stress is and how to reduce it.
            • Oxidative stress means an imbalance of free radicals.  It's a serious issue that explains most of the "autoimmune diseases". 

              In my opinion, the medical community calls auto immune everything they can't explain.

              The fact is that you have to address oxidative stress asap. From inside and outside.

              Oxidative stress is a complex concept. It's essentially an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the ability of the body to counteract or detoxify their harmful effects through neutralization by antioxidants. The major factors for consideration are: food allergy, poor diet, leaky gut and dysbiosis (parasites, candida, h-pylori, yeast, fungus, etc.).

              → Additionally, onset can be caused by toxic chemical compounds and pollutants within your body, hydrogenated fats, all kinds of pollution (air, water and food), oils that have been heated to very high temperatures, cigarette smoke (directly inhaled or secondhand), dehydration, too much sugar, too much animal protein in your diet, geophysical stress (like living near power lines or waste dumps), viral infections, preservatives in your food, drugs (over the counter and prescription), artificial food colorings and flavorings, plastics and phthalates, chemical cleaning supplies, chlorinated water (that you drink, shower or swimming), alcohol, pesticides in your food, radiation exposure, psychological and emotional stress, endurance exercise and, rather incredibly, physical traumas within the body (muscle damaging anaerobic training, trauma or injury to muscle, bone and skin).

              →Oxidative stress causes defects in the membrane integrity, also causes lipid peroxidation, generates hydrogen peroxide in the skin that mutates mitochondrial DNA. All this weakens cell adhesion. NSV starts because people who are predisposed to have dysfunctional melanocytes, start having mutated melanocytes. Their cell adhesion becomes compromised.

              Please take sometime and read  http://www.vitiligomap.com/protocol.html

              • Thanks Robot for your assistance. I will look into making all these changes for myself and my family since I worry my children will get vitiligo. My father's brother and sister have it.
                • The genetic cause is the primary one.  Then come the secondary causes: oxidative stress, friction/traumas and stress hormones.

                  We can definitely try hard to avoid the secondary ones.

              • Hi Flavio,

                Have you got some news about Dr Bordignon?*

                • Jerome,

                  Where are the spots?

                  Are you taking anti-oxidants? Beta carotene?

                  Do yoru apply pseudocatalase regulary?

                  When body is oxidized, no treatment works...

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