• Hey, the above app doesn't exist anymore, I guess.

    Well, DermaCupid is a Dating and Matchmaking App for people with Vitiligo, and Other Skin Conditions.

    It enables all of us to Date with confidence in a judgement-free zone

    To download the app and get started, please visit the website

  • It don't work.. i cant log on.. I curious to see who is in my area
    • Nathalie recently sent an e-mail to all the members. Here's what it said:

      Hi Everyone,

      It is great to see so many people meeting and forming connections! When i developed this site, I chose this company (.ning) because it was a free service and, basically, the setup was simple. Just last month, the .ning company decided to start charging for it's's a bit like facebook all of a sudden deciding that if you want to keep your profile, you'd have to pay to keep it. It's frustrating, but i'm in the process of creating a stand-alone site for us and i will send an email to each one of you once it is complete, so you can re-join us there.

      have a wonderful weekend!!

  • cool idea
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