Life changed with Vitiligo

I am 23 year old indian girl, lives in urban area. Sign of vitiligo appeared on my left leg when I was 15, from that moment I feel different among all. I even differentiate myself from my siblings . I always used to hide my legs .I stopped wearing shorts and skirts, instead of socks, I wore stockings so that nobody could saw my spots . By time passes I was more conscious about hiding my spots from the people. I stopped talking to my male friends; I feel shy around them also I was developed the thought that I am no more worth a friendship of normal guy, I feel like use less . I tried to avoid public gatherings , parties and everything which I used to enjoy before I had a vitiligo . Vitiligo changed my life completely., from bold and confident girl who use to win medal in games is now living a life of Boring girl who just go to college come back to home , eat ,watched tv , had limited friends who doesn't know anything about her disease... Only good thing in her life is a supportive family. I moved to different city for post graduation ., New life new doors welcomed me I forget about my disease for the first time . I just try to focus on my carrier ., My family always boost me up whenever I feel low . My marks improved and now I feel my self independent , I am still single not because I feel worthless , but I think nobody will understand my situation. And I am happy with my life , I still hide my spots but only to protect from sunburn :) . Socity and people's mindset is still same . But I change my perspective about life . Now I start living for myself .

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  • Hi you can Ayurveda onces. Most of the vitiligo patients getting relief from vitiligo.You can trust Ayurveda, it works slowly from the root. And cures without any side effcts. Know more:

  • Really dear this is very difficult to live with vitiligo.

  • Hi,
    Has anyone tried VITILEMNA pills?
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  • Hi dear.. Same situation I'm facing now.. If a girl suffer from vitiligo before marriage faces difficulty in getting done, then things are even very worse when it comes soon after marriage.. Which I'm facing now. Neglected by my hubby n in-laws.. Life has become very pathetic. Though I set my mind to face the society, at time really feel veryyyyyy low.. As one of our friend mentioned here, why don't our scientist or doctors find a better solution for this....
    • I am also dealing with this situation. I do not care about in laws and others but when I neglect by husband then I feel I can not bear this problem. Even it was a love marriage.

    • same here. Some time I think that If i had vitiligo before marriage then I never get married. One thing I would like to share what we are facing due to vitiligo it is only in India. Foreigner do not care.Scientist are doing experiments. I often read about vitiligo researches. I have visited USA and met skin specialist Dr. Hamza,he is trying to invent a new way to transplant cells from other people ,who has dark skin color. 

      Let's see what happened next.

    • Everything has changed except those ppl mentality.. The way they look the way they corner.. I'm also of ur kind. It's us who have to decide how to live the due life.
    • All bro’s & sisters out there, Pls keep in mind that vitiligo will be triggered when u get stress & depressed coz of worrying abt ur skin condition. Chill out and face the society, take medicines, diet etc., nothing is permanent if u fight back. Good luck...
    • Believe in yourself and ignore all the negativity. Its not in our control so just let it be. I know its very hard after are such a brave soul. Keep yourself busy and ignore nonsense people in your life. We all are beautiful. stay happy :)

    • That's the sad part to hear your story after marriage . most of the inlaws go for monetary benefits and try to play with the people who suffer with some problem .

      god save india and hopefully a medicine comes out in few years . I am trying to go vegan completely and been drinking all kinds of juices ( carrt, cucumber, eating more green leafs salads and reduced rice ) and keeping myself stress free , I can see the spots I expose to sun and turning extreme pink , lets see whether it will turn black or not .

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