Done with Flavio Show ...

Well folks, I'll say so long.  I'm done with this Flavio show.

Good luck everyone, following his advice.

He'll now post prolifically and immediately, to bury this post.  It's what he does.  Some of you have emailed me privately that you are sick of it as well.  It's a shame, really, that he is allowed to hijack this place as he has.

Saurabh, I wish you the best.  The obvious substantive harm is the same for which you've cautioned him, but have now cozied.  Manipulating forum content as he has should outrage everyone, because as sure as he is doing it to me for being onto him and his garbage, he will do it to everyone who challenges him, and that, my friend, sorely diminishes these forums.

Steve, you have one heck of a site here.  You should rename it the Flavio show, as he pushes his plan on everyone who comes here wishing to discuss.  He has manipulated my content and has run this forum as his own, much to the detriment of useful dialogue.

May God bless you all and keep you strong.  Be careful whose advice you follow.  It could cause the harm Saurabh feared in previous posts, but now appears to dismiss due to advantages he has gained by staying friendly.  I've changed the title to this thread to accommodate you, Saurabh, and your wishes to let the man's objectionable actions here go unchallenged.  So be it.

I don't blame you, Saurabh.  Ours is a difficult battle.  I hope you find great help from him.

Truth is like poetry.  And most people hate poetry.




A deceptive practice has begun on the forum, by one individual.  For example, if I comment on Flavio's posts, to question or to address any concern, he will delete his original post and re-post it it below my comment, as to muddle the conversation and move posts out of context, as he has done in the example below.  His original posts made no mention of doctors, only his plan, saying that's the best we could do, etc.  I intend to call him out on these statements when he makes them because I view it as counter to fact, for one, and misleading and possibly dangerous, two.

This is deceptive, at best.  What does he have to hide that leaving the content as it was would reveal?  He does this repeatedly, to the detriment of fact.

Case in point, he has removed his comment from above mine, in the screen capture below, making it appear as though I am replying to Ja Mad and not him.

This is ridiculous, not truthful, and harmful to the dialogue read by those he ingratiatingly addresses as "Friends."


This behavior really should desist, for the better understanding of the forum.

He deleted his comment above mine, below, and reposted it below mine. He then locks the thread from comment; therefore, I had to post this separate topic, versus there in just one of the threads where it has taken place.

It's ridiculous behavior that serves only himself, and certainly not the forum.

The more I see your behavior, Flavio, the more I see you as a charlatan.



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  • Dear Tom,
    I noticed this conversation too. It appeared to me as well that reply of Flavio was out of context. I thought to myself that this is the automated version of Flavio replying or that he replied like that to overlook what you said there. I still agree with you that it's not right to authoritatively ask somebody to follow a particular treatment.
    But ever since I came to know that his darling has Vitiligo my opinion of him reverted back to what it was before. If these efforts of creating a website, remaining active on the forum and gathering data are efforts made for him then I admire these efforts with all my heart.
    I tried to look at it the other way round. I posted a discussion - if it was not for Flavio my discussion would have met with a cold end with no reply after 'Ms Ish' and my reply to it in response. However Flavio atleast replied time and again. Even though I cannot reach a conclusion there inspite of what Flavio said . It is upto to me to now investigate further about the things I want to know and about which replies of Flavio could not satisfy me.
    The point I am trying to make is that a reply giving reference to is a good reply in comparison to no replies at all. It's not a bad place to visit and look about Vitiligo there are some good ideas except MIA protein stuff written there overpowers everything. I guess he has not lost his hopes in Dr Bordignon as I have lost in Dr. Caroline Le Poole. Perhaps he still believes these researchers have no other motive except to find a cure for Vitiligo. Funding of researches is a controversial subject in itself. However, that's my opinion so likewise others must have formed an opinion about it too.
    Still you are right he does act like a doctor, professor and a scientist sometimes but it's only due to the fact of his gathering all this stuff and information about Vitiligo. This sporadic change in him has occurred this past year. Please over look it as a side effect and a natural human trait when knowledge in the mind overpowers judgment and you think you have known everything there is to know.
    I don't want to judge him any further because his being sort of a pseudo scientist is helping me. He tried his best whenever I asked a question of him. Answers may be correct, incorrect or totally out of context but atleast he takes the pains to write.
    So even though I cannot ask you to change your opinion of him but can I ask you to ignore him unless you see substantive harm being done to somebody.
    Sir, this humble vitiligo sufferer begs of you.
    Best wishes and Regards
This reply was deleted.