Hey Family, I went on a singles site and I was honest. I put my perfectly flawed picture up and I received  a lot of responses. I went on a date and it was horrible!!!! He looked at me like I never showed my picture. Why was he surprised? I don't understand!!! 

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  • I would like to share about DermaCupid app here. It's a Dating and Matchmaking App for people with Vitiligo, & Other Skin Conditions.

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  • hi there r u looking for depigmentation?

  • I agree with Francisco. It is better to find someone in the real world than online in my opinion. I feel like they are less likely to be superficial, but rarely do people portray themselves honestly online. So I think it is awesome that you did! It takes a lot of guts. I also agree with Piyush that he did no deserve you. They should like you for who you are and not how you look. In my opinion Vitiligo helps weed out the people who arent worth your time. It can be really tough though to go through rejection because of it. I have been in a couple long term relationships that ended for other reason than my appearance. None of the girls I have dated cared. Although I'm white so most of the year it isnt as noticeable. But I tan quite well when in the sun so in the summer it is more noticeable. Its hard to not let it get to you, but whenever I feel down about it I tell myself it doesnt impair me physically and it will only impair me mentally if I let it. Confidence is sexy. And as hard as it is to be comfortable in your own skin its something people find attractive. 

  • that happens often even with people that have no vitiligo 

    they go on dates after meeting people on the internet (facebook,instagram,single sites, twitter,forums etc)  and the date goes like you said horrible 

    to me the social media are a big time fantasy for the most part people trying to be some one they are not 


    i think you should try a different method of date 

    date someone close to you someone from the real world  for example a friends friend, a coworker, neighbor ,someone that goes to the same places you go , someone you have know for a log time that is also single 

    real world > internet 

    and if someone does not like you because of your skin that person is not the right person for you 

    have a nice day 

  • Maybe if you comfortable you should talk to him, and perhaps change his perception and make him realise that having vitiligo does not change who you are as a person. If he still has reservations then you better off without him.

    Keep well!!

  • Don't think about it dear, actually he is not deserve you. You are a very special person with special gift of god... Don't worry and no need to think about those people who are not perfect for you... I hope you'll find your mate soon... Please take care of yourself. :)
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