Covid 19 vaccine and Vitiligo

Hi all I am thinking of getting my Covid 19 vaccine on the 2nd of September 2021 but I am still not 100% sure if its safe for a person with Vitiligo.

Did anyone on the forums took the vaccine already and was there any negative effects with your Vitiligo? I will take the J&J/Janssen Vaccine if all goes well. If you did so please provide me with the +/- date, name of vaccine and the negative Vitiligo effects if any.

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  • Has anyone hear every watched The Highwire with Del Bigtree it's a show and very informative about the whole jab thing.

    Seem like everything he has been speaking about for years is now coming true.

  • Sorry just replying to this post. I took covid 19 vaccine (Pfizer) 1st dose back in June 2021 and 2nd dose on July 2021. It had no effect on my Vitiligo. I got covid 19 on January of 2022 I can not tell you if getting covid had a negative effect on my Vitiligo because in December 2021 I started repigmenting without any treatment. I still continue repigmenting. 

    • Nice to hear you are lucky all the best with your pigmentation.I only took the one J&J/Janssen shot on the 02 Sep 2021 and it had no negative effects on my Vitiligo but I believe that the hand sanitizer did.
      The reason why I am saying that is that my hands are slowing regimenting with my UVB home treatment compare to previous years.
      I am also off the pills and I personally believe that only the UVB treatment (311 nm narrow band) helps me when it comes to managing my Vitiligo.
      I also tested positive for Covid 19 on 28 Jan 2022 but only mild symptoms.

  • I took the Pfizer vaccine and it made my vitiligo spread at an accelerated pace.  

    • Same.   Took Moderna and it reawakened my vitiligo that's been in remission for more than a decade.  I had to hop back on light therapy to halt the spread. 

    • Thank you for the feedback and I am really sorry to hear what you have experienced and hope you get better soon.

      I took the J&J vaccine on the 2nd of September but with no other side effects apart from a “sore” arm for 2 days and “funny” dreams. My regimentation is still happening but very, very, very slowly because 2 months ago I started with my UVB home treatment again. I am also using the pills below for 3 weeks now but please don’t copycat it because I am not in the medical field and it’s just my own trial for 3 months. If the results are very positive after 4 months only then I will post it on the forums with photos include the actual quantities and the reason why I took them unfortunately polypodium leucotomos and copper is not available in my country. The UVB treatment is only on my hands and lips the rest of my body I want to see if the pills do help. I hope more people will still respond to this question.

      Alpha-lipoic acid
      Vitamin C
      Vitamin E
      Vitamin  D
      Folic Acid /Vitamin B9/Folate
      Biooperine (Black peper extract)
      Tomato Juice power
      Vitamin K2
      Beta Carotene
      Vitamin B12
      Ginkgo Biloba
      Vitamin B5
      Omega 3
      • That's a lot of pills !!!!

        I took AstraZeneca vaccine - two shots.

        No significant impact on my vitiligo. 

        • Thanks for the feedback it's really not allot of pills most of the ingredients come from the "REPIGMENTSUN Cápsulas solares" and "Vitilox® T-Cell-V Immune Therapy "  single dose pills and I just added Ginkgo Biloba.
          Unfortunately 1 or 2 of the pills I could not get the single ingredient but only a combination with something else but is was mentioned on my list as well so basically it's only 3 pills if I had the money for those expensive brands.

  • As it is immunity related twice be careful

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