A new strategy?


My doctor recently told me to apply a light oil (olive or coconut) to my vitiligo spots before using my home uvb unit. He said it will help reflect the light and absorb more rays. Afterwards, I am to get my shower then apply the Tacrolimus.

Previously I was just getting a shower, using my unit then applying the Tacrolimus. It seemed to be working good, but I am curious as to if anyone else has tried the method above?

I'm also taking L-Phenylalanine Tablets (500 mg)  1/2 hr before using my unit. L-Phenylalanine turns into Tyrosine in your body which helps to create melanin. I just started a month ago so we'll see how it goes!

Just trying to fight this battle and willing to try anything that might help!

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  • Hi Sue!

    How are you? It's been 4 years now you have posted this. Is there any progress in your vitiligo condition? My 7 years old daughter is recently diagnosed with vitiligo and we are really worried about her. I have already ordered handheld uvb for her and we are applying Tacrolimus i.e. Protopic 0.03% on her spots. I really want her spots to spread further.

    • Muhammad,

      I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I don't go on this website much anymore.

      My vitiligo is slowly repigmenting. I am doing much better than I was 4 years ago. I had XTRAC laser on my face and it fully re-pigmented. Praying it will stay that way. I own a 10 lamp UVB unit that I continue to use 2 times a week. I am not using the Tacrolimus anymore. I stopped using that a while ago. I wanted to give my body a break from medicines. I also stopped the coconut oil. I just use my unit and some sun. It is a slow process.

      I am hoping the new Ruxolitinib cream that was just FDA approved for Vitiligo will be an answer for prayer for many. 

      How is your daughter doing with her treatments?


      • Thanks a lot  Sue for your reply.

        By Grace of God, the vitiligo spot on my daughter's left eye lid is totally repigmented. It was the first spot that appeared on her body in January 2022. Doctor recommended Tacrolimus and also one herbal supplement polypodium leucotomos. We are also using 2 Lamps UVB (Dermapal) two to three times a week on her spots on legs and arms. First there was only 1 spot on her eyelid that appeared in January 2022 and doctor told us that this is common in kids and will go with the application of Tacrolimus but in May 2022, spots started appearing on her legs and hands also. Doctor recommended to use Light therapy, Tacrolimus  and herbal supplement polypodium leucotomos. In almost 8 months, we noticed that her eyelid is totally repigmented but small spots keep on appearing on her legs and arms. We live in United Arab Emirates but back in our home country Pakistan, herbal treatment is usually in practice for vitiligo. Recently I got to know from personal experience of few of my friends that their daughters or kids had the same problem but they were lucky that as soon as first spot appears on face, they immediately started the herbal treatment. Their experiences proved that  if you start the treatment immediately after it appears on face, then its progression can be stopped. Problem comes when after face, spots start appearing on legs, arms or torso. We didnt know this thing and hence we didnt start any herbal treatment till spots started appearing on legs and arms. 

        Anyways sorry for such a long story as it could be boring for you. In short, we have started herbal treatment as well along with few herbal supplements like polypodium leucotomos and gingko biloba. We are also doing  Light therapy with Tacrolimus application. She is eight years old so we cant use Ruxolitinib on her as it is for 12 years +.

        I also want to go for Homeopathic treatment but my wife is totally against of so many treatments at the same time. Can you kindly guide me in any way or any suggestion from your side?

        Also please update people with this information that if they see any vitiligo spot on their kids face then immediately start herbal treatment for it. With this approach, they can stop the vitiligo progression on other parts of the body  because once spots start appearing on legs and arms then it is hard to stop them. I already made that mistake but still I am hopeful that sooner or later my daughter will be recovered fully as we are doing our best to treat her condition and she is still a kid.  I have uploaded two pictures of her eyelid. First one 2 months before when repigmentation started and other is present picture.

        Muhammad Fahad Haris

        WhatsApp Image 2022-08-23 at 18.47.53.jpeg

        WhatsApp Image 2022-08-23 at 18.48.58.jpeg

        • Do not worry,

          she will be cured fully,

          But please do not ignore vitiligo for single day also.

          It needs attention.

          She is small girl, hence you must take  care.

          She will be fine........

          • Hi Bm,

            Thanks for your good wishes. We are trying our level best. Please let me know if you find any effective cure or treatment or any kind of remedy to stop the progession.

        • That's awesome.  I pray this is the last of it for your daughter.

      • I challenge for any repigmentation therapy is staying ahead of the natural course of vitiligo. That is, even if you can get an area to repigment, there is nothing to stop the disease from depigmenting it again and for new spots (maculae) to appear elsewhere. 

  • did you try Ayurveda any time?

    I have experience with Ayurveda medicine. Try that also. 

  • I have heard of using olive oil also but have not tried this. It sounds like years ago when you would rub your body with Baby oil prior to lying out in the sun to excellerate getting a suntan, hense a sunburn. You never want your skin to burn using your machine. A light pink is desirable from what I am told. Burning can have a negative impact. Please let me know if this works for you. I go twice weekly for treatments and also have a machine at home. It is a slow process and takes a long time to see pigment which seems to be in the form of tiny dots. For large spots I can only imagine how long it will take for these areas to fill in. I have been going for approximately 2 years now.
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